An Award Winning Company.  A BBB Accredited Business

" We aim at setting high standards and creating a new
benchmark in private security services"

Our Mission

Salmon Arm Security  Inc. has been started by Cyril Sukare who has a Master's degree in  
Business Management.  Cyril started this company with a passion to cater the security needs of
the people and businesses  of Salmon Arm and surrounding areas. Our mission is to serve our
clients to the best of our ability,sense of duty, commitment, professionalism and integrity. Our
team is a group of highly capable security personnel who share the same passion as Cyril to
serve our community loyally, efficiently with diligence, determination and commitment.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to set a high standard in this industry by instilling client's faith in our team and
to meet their needs above and beyond their expectations.
Salmon Arm Security Inc. is run on the following management philosophy set by Cyril

-  Team Work
-  Integrity
-  Commitment
-  Desire and Efforts to excel
-  Beyond the call of duty and
-  EFFECTIVE  Performance

2008 People's Choice Award
Salmon Arm Security Inc was awarded the 2008 People's Choice Award,
having being nominated in most categories of awards for 2008 with
numerous nominations for 2008.

2008 BBB Torch Award for Market Place Excellence Finalist
Salmon Arm Security Inc in it's first 18 months of operations was
recognised by Better Business Bureau as a finalist for 2008 Torch Award.

2007 Business Service Excellence Award.

Salmon Arm Security Inc. in it's first year of operations was nominated for six different
categories of Business Awards for 2007 and the finalist in The People's Choice award. In a
group of Business Service Excellence, where 14 other successful businesses were nominated,
Salmon Arm Security was awarded the 2007 Business Service Excellence Award.

"We aim at setting high standards and creating a new benchmark in private
security services"
Cyril Sukare with Mr. George Green after receiving the 2007 Business Service Excellence Award
Cyril Sukare and his team proudly marches on Remembrance Day 2007 to  Honour The
Memories of Those Who Fought  For Freedom.