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Introducing Us

Salmon Arm Security Welcomes You.

Our objective is to create high standards in this business by building the client’s trust in our team to satisfy their needs by going above and beyond their expectations for Teamwork, Integrity, Commitment, Desire and Efforts to Excel, EFFECTIVE Performance, and going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

What we offer

Security Services In Interior B.C.

Salmon Arm Security is in the business of keeping B.C. Interior homes and businesses safe and secure. We understand how valuable these areas are to our clients, and we work hard to win the confidence necessary to safeguard and secure them. By providing the best quality of professional security service at the most reasonable pricing, we seek to establish long-term partnerships with our clients. All of our Interior B.C. security services are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, whether you require a long-term solution like Alarm Response or On-Site Guard services or something more temporary like Home Checks or Event Security.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols are a cost-effective method to keep an eye on your house or company 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Prevention of Loss

Salmon Arm Security is optimally positioned to combat loss through deterrence and apprehension.

On-site Guard

On-site guards, sometimes referred to as static-guard services, are distinct from patrol guards, who are on the move.

Alarm Response

Many Interior B.C. business owners and residents confidently rely on Salmon Arm Security as their first line of defence in the event of a security breach.

Event Security

Salmon Arm Security provides the Event Security needed to keep everyone safe at large and small events in Interior B.C.


Mobile Patrols

Salmon Arm Security provides security patrol services to customers in the Interior B.C. region 365 days a year. Our highly trained patrol staff are equipped with geo-tracking and RFID-enabled software and will patrol your premises on a random schedule to discourage potential theft and entry at all hours of the day and night.

They’ll look for broken windows, burnt-out lights, and door integrity, as well as secure any locked doors, gates, and windows. Our patrol security professionals will also look for suspicious activities and other security-related concerns in the surrounding area. Salmon Arm Security is optimally positioned to combat loss through deterrence and apprehension.

Salmon Arm Security mobile patrol officers will trigger a Quick Alarm reaction, inform Emergency Authorities, and follow up with a full report in the event of suspicious behaviour. Salmon Arm Security, prides itself in having the best security patrol practices and methodologies of any B.C. Interior security company, will offer you high-quality security services supported by professionalism, ethics, honesty, and fairness.

What Sets Salmon Arm Security Mobile Patrols Apart?
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How We Work

Our services are available 24/7, weekends and holidays.

Commercial / Residential
Retail Security
Mobile Patrols


Alarm Response

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If you have any concerns regarding our Alarm Response or any of our other services designed to offer excellent safety and protection for your home or company, please contact Salmon Arm Security.

Keep Your Interior B.C. Safe At Home Or In The Office

Salmon Arm Security is a security firm based in the interior of British Columbia. A Salmon Arm Security Guard will be the First Responder for residential and commercial clients that pick our Alarm Response service. When a security alarm is raised, our Security Guards are properly trained to respond immediately and professionally.

What Are The Actions Taken By Salmon Arm Security In The Event Of An Alarm?

A complete external site patrol is conducted upon arrival. In the event of an incursion, the RCMP and the client will be contacted, and our trained Salmon Arm Security Guard will stay on site to offer security coverage and observe any subsequent suspicious behaviour.

Our Security Guard will enter the premises, disable the alarm, and inspect the inside if the customer gives Salmon Arm Security with keys and the alarm code for the alarm system. If the Security Guard notices any symptoms of insecurity, the matter will be reported to the emergency contact.

Even if there is no evidence of a break-in, our Security Guard will nonetheless enter the premises to determine what caused the alarm to go off. A report is created and left on site, as well as an alarm reset. When you leave, the premises will be secured.

Customers may want to attend to alarm activations with their own key holders. Clients who use Salmon Arm Security as assistance do not put their own staff in danger.


Static Guard Services

Our thoroughly qualified security guards are courteous, dependable, and trustworthy, and are skilled in a range of related tasks:
These services are accessible at all times of the day and night, as well as on weekends and holidays.

The guard will be given on-site training and will be responsible for performing the necessary patrols and checks to keep the property safe. Unlocked gates and doors, open windows, trespassers, and other security flaws will all be investigated.
The guards will also deal with issues such as fires, floods, and unintentional damage.

For each tour of service, they must complete an assignment log. The report is kept on location for the client to see.

We are happy to work on short or long-term contracts.

We ensure that our services match your distinct needs and expectations by examining and comprehending each client’s unique company identity.

We are dedicated to providing a level of service that our rivals aspire to and that our clients rely on.

“Did you realise that just having a uniformed guard on the premises acts as a powerful deterrent to illegal and unwelcome activity?”

Everything will be taken care of, including:



Access control

Necessary relationships for communication

Procedures for handling all situations – natural or manmade

Staff safety

Attendee safety

On-site guard training

Proactive response training


Event Security

Salmon Arm Security provides the Event Security needed to keep everyone safe at large and small events in the Interior B.C. Our team of qualified specialists will safeguard your event at all hours of the day and night, from weekdays to holidays, so you may hold it whenever you want.

We can assist you with any event, whether it’s a wedding, a sporting event, a music festival, or a rodeo. We can help whether you have a liquor licence and a beer garden, or if you’re just concerned about youngsters being separated from their parents. Our professional guards are trained in every area of event security, whether it is indoor or outdoor, open or closed, huge or little.

We are dedicated to providing you with a level of service on which you can entirely rely. Whether you require us for a short or long term contract, we will make sure that our services meet your demands.

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Prevention of Loss

Retailers in the Interior B.C. face a variety of external forces that are beyond their control. Profits are threatened by factors such as decreasing consumer spending and rising operational costs. One of the few areas where business owners can have some control over their bottom lines is loss prevention.

Sadly, shoplifting and employee theft are two of the most serious financial concerns. Having a loss-prevention officer on staff is probably less expensive than most business owners think. Give us a call to see whether one of our experienced and trustworthy employees can help your Interior B.C. business prevent theft and establish a secure and professional work environment.

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